Black Forest to Benmore Dam View - Bike Tour

We are excited to have obtained permission to offer this limited "bespoke" one day tour on the private road through Black Forest and Waitangi Stations to Benmore Dam View in the eastern Mackenzie Basin.

Black Forest to Benmore Dam View

The road was initially formed for the construction of the power pylons from the Benmore Hydro Dam. The road follows the Black Forest Stream in a long gentle climb before a short steeper gradient up to Montys Saddle at just under 3,000 ft. The first view of Lake Benmore from the road on Montys Saddle is something to behold.
From Montys Saddle the road follows a gentle hillside descent passing to another saddle, giving a view of Benmore Hyrdro Dam. The tour then returns back along the trail to Black Forest Station.

Bike tour - Black Forest to Benmore Dam

Due to the remoteness of this road, it is a guided tour by one of our trained and experienced staff. Numbers are limited to four people on any one tour plus our guide. Only one tour will be scheduled for each week from November 1st to April 30th. We want to ensure a good weather day, so we set a three-day window for each week and choose the best of any of those days.
All tours start in Twizel and end in Twizel. We pick you up from your accommodation in Twizel and drive you and our guide to Black Forest Station. We then come round to Benmore Dam to pick you up for the return to Twizel.
We provide Mountain e-bikes (9 power assists and throttle) with comfy bum seats, riser handlebars and kickstands. We also provide a backpack for your personal items (clothing) and your food/water.
Before you start your tour we train you on the mountain e-bike you choose for the tour to ensure you are familiar with its operation.
Price: $750/ person.
Helmets included in price.