Lake Dunstan Trail - Bike Tour

We specialise in offering bike hire and pickup service on the new Lake Dunstan Trail from Cromwell to Clyde. This Trail has rapidly become a "must-do" if arriving in Queenstown or visiting Cromwell.

Lake Dunstan Trail

We operate from Melmore Terrace opposite the Victoria Arms Hotel near to the Heritage precinct on the shore of Lake Dunstan where there is plenty of on-street visitor parking.
The Trail starts from near the Heritage precinct on the shore of Lake Dunstan in Cromwell. It follows around the lake towards Bannockburn bridge to cross the lake on a specially made "clip on". Once over the bridge, the trail continues along the western side of lake Dunstan passing alongside some of the Bannockburn vineyards and wineries. Most days one is open for a tasting on the way through.
Then it is into the Cromwell Gorge whilst continuing alongside the lake and riding on a couple of the rock attached bridges suspended over the lake itself. You can marvel at the engineering.


Then just before the climb up onto the hill, "cafe afloat" is a welcome pit stop. This unique cafe is a boat floating on the lakeside attached to a big rock on the shoreline.
Having had your pit stop it is into the Cairnmure Gorge for a steep climb up to the highest point of the Trail at 417 feet above the Lake. From this hill is an uninterrupted view of the Pisa Range and the Cromwell Gorge north and south.
Coming down the other side towards Clyde is a much gentler slope and is why we recommend going from north to south. The trail will finish just before the Clyde Hydro Dam at ? Park where we pick you up for the return trip to Cromwell.

Prices: Mountain e-bike hire - $90/day
Mountain bike hire - $70/day
Shuttle Clyde to Cromwell - $30/pax.
Helmets and backpacks are included in the price.


Cromwell, South Island NZ